Top tips for eliminating plastic waste
Plastic is everywhere. It’s in our food packaging, in our shopping bags, in our furniture. Worldwide, plastic manufacturers produce more than 500 million tonnes of the stuff each year—and that number is growing. In 2020, our population generated approximately 900%...
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What’s the best way to organise a small kitchen?
We use a lot of affectionate words to describe tiny kitchens—cozy, snug, compact. It’s true—small kitchens can inspire feelings of warmth and comfort. But when things start to get out of hand—when benchtops begin to overflow with clutter—that warm feeling...
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Why healthy living starts with a clean home

The first (and biggest) piece of the puzzle for creating a healthy living environment is cleanliness.

For staying energetic, vibrant, and well, keeping a clean home is as crucial as a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Have you ever finished cleaning, stepped back, and proudly observed your fresh, spotless home? Well, you’ve experienced just one of many mental health benefits of cleaning up.

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