6 Effective Guides to Help You Stop Losing Things Daily

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Most people underestimate how much money they lose from replacing lost things. While it start with smaller purchases like pens and keys, things can start adding up over time. A lost house key, a misplaced phone, or even a laptop left in a coffee shop can seriously safe you back a few hundred bucks. If these situations sound familiar to you, check out these six tips to help you keep track of your valuables: 

1. Recall What You Lost the Most and Focus on That

Start with what's most obvious to lose first since it'll be the easiest thing, to begin with.

Keep track of the things you lose every day, like your keys, TV remote, earrings, or glasses. Once you have a short list of things to focus on, start thinking of how you could keep them.

You can use different tactics to make sure they are always in the same place, like putting them in designated storage spots with boxes.

2. Everything Has Its Place

Though we all have a general idea of where we usually put our important belongings, a few of us do that way.

In other words, if you're specific about where you put your things, you're less likely to put them in the wrong place. For example, put your keys in the blue bowl on the table by the door and your wedding ring in the small tray or the top drawer in your dresser.

3. Strive to Be Organised

Too much clutter makes it tough to find things. If you constantly have to search for documents, it's time to get organised.

Having a place for everything, from scarves and belts to receipts and bills, will change your life in ways you never thought possible.

4. Create a System and Stick to It

Organising your space is only the first step. Maintaining your new order is the crucial next step. You can do this by taking a picture of your desk’s layout or having a corkboard to tick off yoru essentials. Whichevstick to the system you set up. You won't even have to look for some of your things!

5. Visualise the Location in Your Mind

Once you have decided on a specific place to keep your keys, picture yourself putting them in that location, this will help you remember where everything goes and do the task automatically.

You'll be surprised how quickly you develop good habits and start staying organised without noticing them.

6. Put Up Reminders  

Another way to ensure you don't forget anything when you leave the house is to create a mental to-do list and visualise yourself putting things in the same spot every time.

The default checklist is probably keys-wallet-phone, but feel free to add glasses, umbrellas, or any other item you often lose. Make it foolproof by tapping the pocket where these things should be before leaving.

One way to keep your things from getting lost is to attach a Bluetooth tracker. That way, your keys or wallet will be connected to your phone, and you can use the phone to find the item.


Losing things can be frustrating, but following these tips can help you overcome them. You'll save time, reduce stress and improve your memory. If these tips aren’t enough, you can make your home easier to organise to manage your valuables better.

If you are looking for ways to help you stop losing things, check out our home organisation products. These products will assist you in keeping track of anything, even the important things you use daily.

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