How to save time on daily cleaning tasks

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Any homeowner knows the struggle of keeping their space tidy—sometimes, it feels like the need to clean is neverending.

But remember—time is our most valuable possession. Taking steps to reduce the hours you spend cleaning gives you more control over your life, lowers stress levels, and will make you a happier, healthier person overall.

In this post, we'll lay down some strategic tips to help you ace your next cleaning session. Hang up your broom, sit down for a while, and let us help you get back the time you deserve.

Tip 1: Try 'burst cleaning'.

Burst cleaning is a new, innovative way to clean. If you’ve ever tried the Pomodoro technique to help you stay focused, burst cleaning follows a similar philosophy.

Facing enormous weekly or monthly cleaning tasks is seriously overwhelming. 

You’ll need to break those tasks up.

Set a 15-minute timer each day for your ‘burst clean’—and be as productive as possible during that time. Wipe down countertops, dust, vacuum, pack away toys—do whatever you can do within that 15-minute timespan, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Cleaning spray made from lemonsPhoto by Crema Joe on Unsplash

Tip 2: Keep the clutter at bay.

When everything has a place, you’ll spend less time worrying about overwhelming piles of stuff.

Designate a space for everything.

If you spend time reading or working in bed, try a bedside organiser. It’s a compact, simple solution for keeping your bedroom clutter-free.

Try to keep tables, shelves, counters, and other horizontal surfaces free from excess objects. Like Marie Kondo says, display only what brings you joy—and say goodbye to the rest.

Tip 3: Get the family involved

Household cleaning shouldn’t be one person’s burden. 

It should run like a family business!

Create an ‘information centre’ in your home. This central space may include a family calendar, bulletin board, or a modern alternative like a tablet.

Assign daily or weekly tasks for each family member, and ask them to tick off jobs as they’re done. 

You’ll quickly feel the weight lift off your shoulders!

Free time is vital for positive mental health.

Remember—you don’t always need to be on-the-go.

Take some time for yourself every once in a while. Put your feet up, breath, let go. 

The vacuum will still be there when you’re ready!

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