How to motivate your child to keep their room clean

How to motivate your child to keep their room clean - MYLE - Make Your Life Easier

If you have young children or teens, you'll probably relate to this Aussie mum's story:

"My eight-year-old loves books—so much so, they end up all over his bedroom floor! I'll pack them away each night, but the next day, I'll find them sprawled everywhere again. It's a never-ending cycle. At least he's reading at a thirteen-year-old level!"

Kids love to play. And it's not likely that one toy or book will hold their attention. In a single day, a typical six-year-old might switch from playing with their fire truck, to their doll's house, to their tablet, and back again! In all of this fluttering and frolicking, our kids' bedrooms can end up in a serious mess.

Motivate, model, and inspire

The best way to motivate your child to keep their room clean is to model good behaviour yourself. Lead by example! When your home is organised and free from excess clutter, your children will learn to follow suit.

Start by doing little chores together. Ask your child to mimic your behaviour—you put one toy away; they put one toy away, and so on. It's a great idea to let your child choose where to put their belongings—this gives them a sense of pride in their space and helps foster independence. 

Of course, modelling positive behaviour is easier said than done. Keeping a tidy home isn't easy with young kids to look after! That's why it's vital to simplify your space. Take a note out of Marie Kondo's book and consider minimalism—it's so much easier to stay in control when your room is beautifully organised and free from clutter. 

Make cleaning easy

To a child (and most adults, too!) cleaning can seem like a daunting task. It's well worth taking every step you can to simplify the process, making cleaning more accessible for your child.

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It's also much easier to clean when there's less "stuff" to worry about! Sort through your son or daughter's books, for example, and think about which ones they actually read. Are there any old books they've grown out of, or aren't interested in anymore? Consider donating these books to somebody who'll appreciate them.

It's also worth investing in a simple organisation solution like a kids' bedside organiser. Your son or daughter will love keeping their essentials right beside them in bed! Don't start with big storage cupboards or shelves that will overwhelm your child—instead, ease them into cleaning with simple, effortless organisers they'll love to use.

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