Erin Bacchi

    Introducing Erin Bacchi, an accomplished artist hailing from the breathtaking Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a lifelong passion for painting, Erin's artistic odyssey began at a young age, infusing her heart with boundless joy through vibrant creations. After pursuing her dreams in art and design, she earned a bachelor's degree in Computer-Based Art and Design, Advertising, and Communications. With a wealth of experience in graphic and digital design, Erin has collaborated with inspiring local, national, and multinational brands across Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Despite her successful career in graphic design, Erin has always found solace in painting and sharing her artwork during spare moments. Motherhood breathed new life into her creativity, and her art now reflects soft tones, organic shapes, and earthy features inspired by the journey of being a mom. As Erin continues to embrace her artistry, she looks forward to sharing more of her joyful creations with you, hoping they bring as much happiness to your life as they do to hers.