Quick Ways to Help Keep Kids' Rooms as Tidy as Possible

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If you've ever stepped on Lego toys or turned on a toy after your kids have gone to sleep, you know how important a good toy storage idea is. Whether you have younger or older children, you need to have a good bedroom storage idea to keep their belongings in order.

Quick Ways to Help Keep Kids' Rooms as Tidy as Possible

1 - Use a Toy Storage Chest

Nothing beats toy storage in a chest. From plastic bins to wooden chests, you can find toy storage chests in a variety of sizes and styles. The biggest tip is to buy one that offers lots of room for toys but is not too deep. This will help keep the bedroom tidy.

2 - Get a Toy Storage Cabinet

Wooden toy storage cabinets are a great option. Perfect for storing toys, games, and books, these cabinets do exactly what they promise. The best part is you can buy toy storage cabinets for master bedrooms as well as for kids' rooms.

3 - Teach Your Child to Keep Their Toys

Kids love to customise their rooms, and that's a good thing. However, if you're looking for a toy storage idea for a younger child, you may want to teach them that it's a good idea to return their toys to the place they belong.

Get them to make up the bed or do any tidying that needs to be done. That way, you can teach them to be tidy, which will help them to handle their toy messes better.

4 - Have Them Play with One Toy at a Time

If you have a child that has a lot of toys to play with, set a few aside for them to play with each sitting. That way, you have a toy storage idea that will encourage them to get rid of the toys they're not using. This will help to reduce the toy clutter in their room.

5 - Offer Rewards or Incentives for Clean Rooms

If you have older children, you may find that they are more likely to want to be tidy and to keep their rooms tidy. If that's the case, you can offer them incentives for clean rooms. This can be as simple as offering them a movie or video games for the weekend if their room is tidy.

6 - Make a Toy Play Area

An area in their bedroom can be designated for toys and games. The best part about this kind of storage idea is that the toys are out of the way and out of sight, so the room will be tidy. However, your kids will have a designated area where they can keep their favourite toys.


If you're looking for a toy storage solution for your kids, consider these options. There are lots of toy storage options for bedrooms, so you won't have to worry about not being able to store their toys. That way, their room will be a great environment for them to hang out and play. Also, you will experience less stress because their rooms will be a lot tidier

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