5 Practical Ways to Keep a Small Bedroom Clutter-Free


Organising a small bedroom seems like it’s easy enough. But having to organise a small bedroom filled with a lot of stuff can be quite a challenge. With more people living in condos and apartments, it’s important to find small-space solutions that are both stylish and budget-friendly. Here are some practical organisation hacks to keep your home clutter-free.

Sort Your Items Into Three Piles

If you’re serious about decluttering, then doing it regularly should be your goal. The best way to get into the habit is to have a home organisation system that you can rely on every time you start the process of decluttering. Use the three-box method to help you decide what items to keep, get rid of, or put into storage.

As you fill those boxes, you can already start organising where you’re going to put them, particularly those items in the keep box. For storage, categorising and labelling the items can help a lot, so you don’t have to do that later. Those you want to get rid of can be further divided into those you can donate and those you can sell.

Weed Out Your Closet Regularly

Your closet can be one of those areas in your bedroom where items can get easily lost and pile up over time. To avoid all that from happening, start buying fewer clothes or take a regular inventory of every piece that you have. This keeps your clothes at an acceptable amount, and you can maximise the use of every piece of clothing you have. Make an effort to get rid of items you don’t regularly wear rather than putting off those decisions for another time. Spending a little time on front-end maintenance makes decluttering easier and less time-consuming.

Clear Your Nightstand

In a small bedroom with little furniture, it’s easy to wind up piling everything onto your nightstand. This is where you start to lose jewellery, accessories, little keepsakes, or even really important stuff like your car keys. If your nightstand has a drawer, start organising some of your stuff there and keep the top of your nightstand clear as much as possible. Limit the space to just two or three essential items and must be accessible to you. Consider mounting your bedside lamps on the wall next to your bed to free up more space.

Use the Space Under Your Bed

If you happen to have some space underneath your bed, that could be a great place to keep shoes or off-season clothes. However, make sure that the space beneath your bed is neat and clear of dust. You can also put your luggage there, some storage boxes, and even books. As much as possible, keep them in a flat plastic box to keep everything organised.

Invest in Furniture with Storage

Having a small bedroom means you need to be smart about the furniture you put in it. If you have some budget set aside, invest in furniture with built-in storage like nightstands or even an upholstered bench with drawers underneath them. This is a great place to hold shoes, extra linens, towels, or anything else that you need a place for. You can also put up some shelves overhead to avoid putting too much furniture on the floor area.


Decluttering is more of a mindset that you need to keep. Instead of doing an annual cleaning and organising session, try using some of these tips regularly to avoid accumulating more stuff over time.

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