What’s the best way to organise a small kitchen?

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We use a lot of affectionate words to describe tiny kitchenscozy, snug, compact. It’s true—small kitchens can inspire feelings of warmth and comfort. But when things start to get out of hand—when benchtops begin to overflow with clutter—that warm feeling is overpowered by claustrophobia and stress.

By keeping your kitchen space organised, you can reinvigorate those comforting feelings of cozy contentment.

In this article, we outline our top tips for organising a small kitchen. Some ideas you can find for larger kitchens won’t necessarily work for a small space—so we lay down some advice that will work for your unique environment.

1. Think about what you use.

The first step towards a clean, cozy kitchen is clearing the clutter.

If your benchtops or cupboards are overflowing with stuff, now is the time to purge. Think about which items you really need. Flip through all your gadgets, utensils, small appliances, crockery, and cutlery. 

Appliances are especially cumbersome, and sometimes, we accumulate a lot more than we actually need. I once had an old pizza maker sitting in my kitchen cupboard for years, gathering dust and taking up space. When I started decluttering, it was one of the first items I knew had to go!

Think about the items you really need. You can do amazing things with an oven, a frying pan, and a few pots—so maybe you can rid of that air fryer, portable grill, or toastie maker.

2. Maximise your space.

Small kitchens need space-saving solutions. There’s no way around it! Because you’re working with a compact area, some organisers can do more harm than good by taking up valuable room.

Make the most of your wall space. Magnetic knife holders are a great way to save bench spaceand they boast the added benefit of looking stylish! You can also invest in various hooks and hangers to store your dishes, utensils, spices, and more.

Small kitchenPhoto by Megan Markham on Unsplash

3. Be smart about placement.

A simple way to make life easier for yourself when cooking is to arrange your cookware cleverly. Keep similar items together—like cups in one cabinet and dishes in another—so you’ll always know where everything is. Also, try keeping your most used items on lower shelves, so they’re easy to reach, and keep lesser-used items at the top.

The cabinet above your fridge can be a tricky one—this is the best place to keep items you use seasonally, like large serving dishes and crockpots.

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