Tips to Follow So You Won't Lose Your Keys Ever Again

Tips to Follow So You Won't Lose Your Keys Ever Again - MYLE - Make Your Life Easier

How many times have you been late for work or an appointment because you couldn’t find your keys? You probably remember how frustrating this situation can be, especially when you’re in a rush. Here’s the thing, though. Unless you do something about it, there’s a possibility that this will keep on happening.

In this post, MYLE, your source of the best home organisers, offers some tips on how you can avoid losing your keys in the future:

Have a Designated Place for Your Keys

You probably think that you’re already doing this. You might have a drawer or a countertop where you put your keys. But try to recall why you lost your keys before? It’s probably because you didn’t put your keys in their designated spot.

 A magnetic key holder for walls is an excellent option for your designated spot. You can place it near your doorway so you can place your keys in their spot right away when you get home. 

The only way around this is to implement a rule with no exceptions – everything should be in its place at all times. So, whether you’re too sleepy or in a hurry, you need to make sure you put your keys in your chosen spot for them. 

Return Keys That Are Not in Place

This is connected to the first rule. When you see any key in the house that’s not in the “official” key holder, put it back. That way, if anyone loses their key, they’re likely to find it in that spot. This will also keep you from having to think about where you last saw the car or room keys.

Have a Backup Key Holder in Your Room

Imagine you come home late at night and you head straight to your room, only to realize that you’re still holding your keys that you’re supposed to put on the key holder in the living room. You’re probably too tired to go out again just to put the key in its proper place. For such situations, it’s best if you have a bedside table caddy, so you still know exactly where your keys are in the morning. 

Choose an Eye-catching Keychain

If you constantly misplace your keys in the house or even in your bag, you should consider using a big keychain with charms that you’ll easily spot. You can choose fluffy charms or ones that make a sound when they fall. Of course, if you have the budget for it, you can opt for those innovative tags that you can attach to a keyring so you can find your keys with your smartphone. 

If Possible, Switch to Keyless Entry Systems

If your home keys always go missing, why not consider those modern keyless entry systems? You can ask your local locksmith about the availability of an access control keypad. With such a system installed, you’ve got fewer keys to lose or worry about!


Losing keys can be frustrating. However, as you can see, the only way to avoid this is by being more organized with your stuff. By having a proper place for your keys and other important stuff and remembering to put them only in that place, it’s unlikely that you’ll lose your stuff again. Having home organisers is a great way to implement this rule to serve as the official holder for all your keys. 

MYLE offers a great selection of key organisers in Australia. We also have other types of organisers for your bedside table or console. Check out our products today and make your life easier!
















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