5 Tips for Organising Your Living Room

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Your living room is one of the cosiest spaces in your home, which naturally means you spent a significant amount of your time there. As a multi-functional space, you spend a lot of your time here relaxing, playing, entertaining, eating, and even exercising. With all these activities, it seems nearly impossible to keep your living room tidy.

Given the number of items you end up using in your living room, it’s no surprise that it tends to look cluttered. You’ll likely have scattered toys for your pet or child, stacks of mail, unfolded laundry, packages holding your online orders, and an assortment of other items that are nestled comfortably on the floor or couch. Here are five tips to help you organise your living room and keep it as clean as possible:

1. Take Away Objects That Don’t Belong

To get started, take a basket and circle your living room. Place anything that contributes to the clutter or doesn’t belong in the space into your basket. Some items may have strayed far from their designated spots in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or outside, so be sure to return them. Shoes by the coffee table can go into your closet or by the front door, pillows that have fallen off can be put back onto your couch, and the glass that once held your soft drink should go to your dishwasher. 

2. Assign a Place for Wayward Items

If you chance upon objects that belong to your living room but don’t have a specific nook or cranny for them, it’s time to create their designated space. For instance, if you have numerous remote controls skewed across the room, gather them in one spot on your coffee table or TV stand, so they’re easier to find. Apply the same treatment to the other items in the room that don’t have a proper place, like throw pillows, books, magazines, and mail, instantly making the living room look cleaner and more spacious.

3. Clean Up Your “Disaster Zone”

Most areas in a home have a corner or piece of furniture that hosts throwaway items and forgotten objects you’ve long promised to put away or clean, known as the designated disaster zone. They’re essentially vortexes of clutter that end up getting bigger and bigger unless you finally get around to cleaning it.

Check your living room’s disaster zone, which could be an end table that houses stray items, and start putting the things in their proper places. It’s also an opportunity for you to find new homes for these items, giving you fewer items to clean or arrange.

4. Straighten Everything Up

Another trick you can use to organise your living room is straightening everything and facing outwards. Whether you have knick-knacks by your fireplace, blankets on your sofa, pens scattered across your table, be sure to line them up correctly. Some of these don’t need to be put away and hidden from sight but arranging them to be more presentable simply by straightening them out will do wonders for overhauling the optics of your living room.

5. Free Up Space

Lastly, consider freeing up space in your living room by picking a few things to throw away or donate. You might have had a broken end table you’ll never have the time to repair or a throw pillow whose design you’ve always hated. If you have a few items you can do away with, consider selling, donating, or throwing them away.


Organising your home can be tricky, especially if it’s filled with different objects you can’t bear to part with. By following these tips, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, brighter, and more spacious living room that will be even more pleasant to spend time in.

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