6 Quick Tips to Declutter Your Bedroom & Keep It Clean


The bedroom can be the messiest space in any person’s home. Most of the time, it’s a place where there can be a mountain of dirty clothes, stacks of books, unread mail, and receipts. However, because it’s where you rest and relax, it would be better for you to keep your bedroom clean.

As your sanctuary, you should not let your bedroom be a mess. Here are some quick tips you can do to declutter and organise your room.

1. Always Clean under the Bed

The space under your bed is the most creepy and messy in your bedroom. It’s a great place to store extra items you don’t want to put elsewhere. However, you should not allow this place to be full of dust, unwanted things, and crumbs.

Thus, you should clean under your bed regularly. Clear away all your clutter, throw away the trash, and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and dirt.

2. Invest in Stylish Yet Functional Storage

It would be great to buy a storage unit for your bedroom. For example, you can buy a closet for clothing, a dresser for your clothes, and a drawer for your personal belongings. These storage units can provide you with enough space to store your clothes, books, and other items.

However, if you don’t have enough budget for buying storage furniture, you don’t need to worry. You can still create functional storage for your clothing with the help of your wardrobe. Just fold and organise your clothing to maximise the space inside.

3. Make Your Bed the Moment You Wake Up

The place where you rest is the most relaxing place in your bedroom, right? However, if your pillow is covered in crumbs, if your blanket is full of crumbs, and if your bed is unmade, you will not feel relaxed at all.

Thus, the moment you wake up in the morning, you should make your bed. Make sure to remove the crumbs in your bed, and then make your bed with a fresh blanket.

4. Don’t Let Your Nightstand Accumulate Clutter

Your nightstand is one of the most notable pieces of furniture in your bedroom. It’s where you lay your clock, alarm, book, and glass of water. When it’s time to go to sleep, you should be able to find all of these things on your nightstand.

However, if your nightstand finds itself littered with items you don’t need during the night, you will find it challenging to look for your things. Remove everything you don’t need, and consider getting a bedside organiser.

5. Organize Your Cords and Cables

Electronics are an indispensable part of our lives. Our smartphones, laptops, and other devices are essential for our work and entertainment. However, you should not let these devices have too much control over your room.

6. Throw Away Anything You Don’t Need

Because your bedroom is the most private part of your house, you can let it be filled with the things you love. The clothes you love, the books you love, and the accessories you love. However, you should not let these things overrun your room.

Thus, you should carefully examine your things. Throw away the items that you don’t need anymore.

Final Thoughts

Home organisation doesn’t mean that you need to spend lots of money. If you adopt some simple organising tips, you can turn your messy room into a peaceful and relaxing one.

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