3 Simple Organising Hacks to Help You Tidy Up Your Bathroom

bathroom organisation

One of the most crucial parts of our home would have to be our bathroom. Aside from the fact that it is a place where we can enjoy total privacy, it is also a spot of hygiene, relief, and meditation. When things are getting out of hand in the outside world, you can take a moment of respite and spend a few hours in your bathtub.

Due to regular use, bathrooms usually end up messy, especially if we are always in a hurry to finish our business within its confines. Soaps, shampoos, and other amenities can end up getting misplaced or dropped, and even that would pose a health hazard in one way or the other.

In such a case, we would need to learn the different organisation techniques to keep everything in its place inside our bathroom. To help you get started, we have listed a couple of recommendations below for you to follow. 

Take note of them and remember to do them all regularly to keep your comfort zone clean, well-organised, and devoid of any mess or germs:

1) Add Stacking Shelves in Your Bathroom

This specific lifehack will indeed prove very advantageous to you, even if you have a small floor area. Stacking shelves allow you to place all of your toiletries on top of one another while still keeping them well-organised. 

Instead of placing a very bulky shelf that will just eat up more space, stacking shelves will also help; leaving more room for other necessities gives you more options to decorate your bathroom in the long room while still making it look tidy.

Some shelves even come with drawers, so your amenities can be pulled or pushed into their respective places.

2) Mount Storage Baskets on the Wall

If stacked shelves aren’t your thing, you may opt to hang a few storage baskets instead. Aside from the fact that they are also space-savers, they are more accessible, especially if you need to be within reach of your soap, shampoos, and other sanitising formulas. You may even adorn them with some decorations, just so your bathroom wouldn’t look dull and entirely white.

The thing about having immediate access to your amenities is that you wouldn’t even have to stand up when you’re on the toilet or inside the bathtub. You can reach for your soap and shampoos without exerting any effort.

3) Have Some Labeled Organisers

Labelling your items will not only make it easier to find them, but it also allows you to store them in an orderly manner. You can keep the household’s soaps in one spot or container while the other container has all the shaving tools that other people in the house use. 

You can even place sharp amenities in a higher spot so that your kids wouldn’t be able to reach them. All risky items like blades and toilet cleaners must be kept in an elevated and labelled container to keep them out of reach.


Organising your bathroom isn’t that hard. While cleaning and decluttering may take time, keeping things in order is a much simpler task, so long as you know how to deal with it practically. 

Adding a couple of stacking shelves, mounting storage baskets on your walls, and having some labelled organisers will prove to be very useful in the long run. Apply our tips above, and you will never have to suffer through a messy bathroom space ever again!

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