How to Best Organize the Storage for Your Baby’s Nursery

How to Best Organize the Storage for Your Baby’s Nursery - MYLE - Make Your Life Easier

Expecting a baby can often get you flustered as you fuss about where they’ll be staying and taken care of. The nursery has to be so many things at once, but the two main descriptors that you need to strive for it to be is beautiful and arranged. Appearances can be a little more simple to achieve, as you just need a few pretty colours and decals. Organisation is a different story. 

With so many baby items that have to be stored away, it can make you question how you’ll make everything fit. Where do all the nappies and baby bottles go? How do you put away their clothes? Their gifts from a baby shower? Their little toys?

Take a deep breath and keep calm. Optimising your baby nursery storage doesn’t have to be all too complicated, and here’s a short how-to guide that proves just that:

Utilise Your Drawers

Your nursery will likely have a dresser or two that you can use. The drawers can provide ample space for all the baby clothes that you’d like your kid to wear, as well as a few bibs and napkins if they make a mess. You can also hide any pointy or harmful objects away from your baby here.

Plus, aside from the drawers, the dresser’s top would also be a perfect surface for any baby essentials that you’d need to access quickly. Place baby formula, food and water on top of it. You could also get away with having a speaker on top to play some soothing lullabies.

Get More Shelves

Adding more shelves can give you extra space to store away any pyjamas and clothing that you’d need to keep away. You can pick between getting a ready-made shelf or installing them yourself. It may be best to have the shelves by the dressers for ease.

You can also display your baby’s toys and action figures, which can be quite aesthetically pleasing if you have open shelves. Just remember to tidy up the room and place them back when your baby isn’t using them anymore. 

Buy Storage Baskets

Sometimes, there can be some stuff that can be hard to organise on the drawers and shelves while being particularly essential. An easy and accessible solution to that would be a storage basket, which can keep any children’s book that you read to them or emergency baby bottles.

Keep in mind that you want the material to be durable yet soft since your baby may have higher chances of getting their hands on and into it. Woven storage baskets that are made up of cotton is quite baby-friendly while giving you storage space.

Get a Nursey Organiser

Nappy changing is definitely one of the more stressful things that a parent or guardian would have to undergo in the nursery. There are so many components, from the nappies themselves, the wipes, powder and more. It’s ideal to have a nursery organiser on hand.

Nursery organisers are rather spacious, and you could bring them to just about any room in case your little one has any emergencies. It’d be ideal to get an organiser that features a water-resistant changing mat just so you can keep you and your baby dry during the change.


Doing all these steps should make the storage of your baby’s nursery all the better. Take the liberty of imposing your own changes to personalise how the organisation of your child’s items will be since you two would be bonding and spending the most time in that area.

Looking for more items to carry out these organisation hacks? MYLE aims to make your life much easier, offering several home organisation solutions that are proudly Australian-designed and made. Order today!

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