How to Organise Your Room Effectively


The internet is congested with countless bedroom organising tips that are, quite frankly, easier said than done. For instance, we all see those “repurpose furniture pieces” and “dress up the room with art” recommendations that, while useful, don’t really do much about the actual organisation. 

Why do we say that? Because at its very core, home organisation is dealing with clutter - sorting through them, getting rid of what won’t be used again, and finding ways to keep the room in order. So that’s what we’re going to share with you today. We’re going back to basics. Here’s how to truly organise your bedroom when all the other organising tips you’ve read haven’t worked:

Tackle the Room by Section

Walk into a kid’s room (or a high school teen’s space), and you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos that you see. The room is filled with too many things, and you simply can’t find anything you’re looking for. When organising your bedroom, take a moment to look at the room as a whole, and break it down into manageable parts.

That means that you’ll take a step back and look at the room in sections - storage, sleeping area, study or work area, and other places that are often filled with clutter.

Once you’ve identified each section, you’ll have the chance to not only focus on one section at a time but to focus on everything that’s in that section. That’s right: Do not dive right into a section, getting rid of things and sorting through everything. Focus on only one section, and leave the others alone.

This is the method that professional organisers use to tackle a big project, and it’s a method that works.

Take an Inventory of Your Belongings

If you have a lot of things that don’t belong in the room, or if you have a lot of things that you simply don’t need or use anymore, then you already know what you’re dealing with. In the inventory process, you’re not just going through the cupboards and your drawers but making a note of everything that you have.

This means that you’re making a list of everything in the room, from the mini-mattress that’s on the floor to the handful of stuffed toys that are strewn all over the bed. It’s time to get a clear picture of what you need to deal with and where you can start.

Go through everything, and make a note of what you can and can’t use. If it’s something that you can’t use, then it’s something you’re going to get rid of.

Have Multipurpose Storages and Organisers

When organising any room, finding smart storage solutions that can serve a dual purpose will always be a good idea. For instance, a large chest of drawers that you can use as an actual dresser or a storage ottoman that can be used as a stool.

You can do this because, like the section-by-section tactic we discussed above, this allows you to tackle one section at a time. Instead of going through each and every item in a drawer or a cabinet, you’re taking a step back and looking at the room as a whole while you also deal with each individual storage or organising piece.


Perhaps the best and most efficient way to organise your bedroom can be summed up in this short sentence: Divide and conquer.

It is a simple home organisation concept, and it is a very effective one. It may not be the most fun thing to go through, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

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