Organisation Tips to Keep Your Living Room Clutter-Free

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In Australian homes, the living room also acts as the family room or the place for some entertainment, games, and recreation. That makes the room prone to being too cluttered and disorganised. If you are so done with keeping things in order around the house, there are preventive measures you can apply to lessen the problems later. 

Here are some of the early solutions you can explore: 

Place a Wastebasket

Eating together is one activity that the family enjoys. However, after eating and spending time together, various scraps and food waste can accumulate inside the room. The easiest way to get rid of it and other kinds of rubbish is to place a wastebasket inside the room. That way, tossing away all junk would be immediate and straightforward to do. 

If you do not like the idea of having a dirty and smelly wastebasket inside the living room, the solution is simple:

  1. Make sure that it is cleaned and freshened up regularly. Do not let food stay there for a long time.
  2. Make sure also to choose a wastebasket that has a lid and purchase deodorising garbage bags. That would help ensure that the room still smells fresh and clean every time. 

Have a Paper Organiser

Paper is one of the most common clutter found in any house, specifically in the living room. If you have books, magazines, and brochures to keep in the room, make sure they are gathered in a good drawer or storage basket

Placing items on top of the coffee table might be the routine that most interior designers do, but if not well-maintained, they could only result in a more cluttered room than you ever imagined. You can explore floor storage or stackable storage to deal with, whichever fits your room’s needs the most.

Clean Out the Cords

Cords are always part of every non-wireless equipment inside the house. Your TV, speakers, lamps, and everything inside the living room that needs electricity has wires that can distract the eye. In case you have not discovered them yet, there are cord organisers that you can use to make them neat and pleasing to look at. 

There are cable organisers and storage boxes that would keep your wires hidden and untangled underneath. Make sure to get one or two for your living room. 

Make Use of the Extra Space Near the Sofa

Sofas are usually placed next to a wall or in the middle of the room, surrounded by wide space. Instead of putting that space to waste, consider adding cabinet storage or a bookcase to keep everything well-organised inside. You can place all displays on that shelf and make the place look neater. If you do not have that extra space, adding a sofa organiser can also help hold small things such as remote control, eyeglasses, the book you’re currently reading, and so much more. 

Budget the Space

Instead of the whole living room becoming the game area for the family, why not designate a play corner separate from the resting corner? That way, you can also organise all possible mess inside. 

All of your kids’ toys will be placed in one corner of the room, and it could be the dedicated storage area for other items as well. Doing this could help you maintain at least one clean and tidy space—the resting place—to help you relax with peace of mind.


Keeping the house tidy has always been challenging, especially when you live with the whole family inside the house. Thanks to the help of some organising tools and materials, you can keep the room less cluttered and more clean looking. At the end of the day, how the room would look will still depend on how everyone will use the space and keep them in order. 

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