Making Bigger Space for a Small Bedroom: Design Ideas

Making Bigger Space for a Small Bedroom: Design Ideas - MYLE - Make Your Life Easier

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat, no matter the size of your space—don’t settle! Even with small and restricted bedrooms, you can make the most out of it by designing an optimised layout, decorating appropriately, home organisation, and incorporating the right furniture pieces.  

With small bedroom decorating ideas, you can make a bigger space without sacrificing flair. Here are some inspiration and tips if you're looking for small master bedroom ideas, teen or child bedroom ideas, or just storage ideas in general:

Small Space Design Ideas: The Master Bedroom

There are various small bedroom ideas to assist you in organising your master bedroom if it is on the smaller side. While you do not have to become a minimalist right away, paying attention to the layout of your home could do you good.

First, the location of bedroom furniture is crucial. If space allows, placing the bed in the centre of a wall gives symmetry and easy access from either side. Versatile and modular furniture will be your new best friend if you’re running out of storage space. Storage beds make use of the often unused space beneath the bed.

Incorporate the use of large mirrors in your tiny space. Mirrors can give a tiny room the illusion of depth and space and may even help you save crucial space by mounting it to the wall. A mirror attached to the top of a chest of drawers can help open up the space while saving you money on new bedroom furniture.

Small Space Design Ideas: The Teen Bedroom

Your teen's little space can be transformed into a peaceful retreat with a few simple ideas. While space-saving necessitates adaptability, it does not necessitate that your child gives up on their dream room. Select multi-purpose storage solutions that are both appealing and functional. If space allows, a blanket box at the foot of the bed might double as an attractive bench seat.

If your child wants a bed frame, a headboard combined with a single mattress and base, or a long single, is a great space-saving option. If you desire discreet storage, a storage bed may be exactly what you need. Storage beds are available in various colours, making it simple to fit the décor of your teen's bedroom.

Small Space Design Ideas: The Children’s Bedroom

Consider this fantastic children's bedroom idea: A loft bed. Loft beds make the most of limited space. It raises the bed and creates more storage for study, play, or simply space. Because they provide ample space for a desk, loft beds are great for compact rooms. 

Beyond that, trundle beds are ideal for your children’s sleepover parties. Additionally, an extra mattress is kept beneath the main bed and may be pulled out for guests. For more storage, add a bedside table or tallboy.

Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

There are numerous creative solutions to maximise storage space in your bedroom. Storage beds are a stylish and functional way to convert the main piece of furniture in the room into storage. 

Aside from storage beds, you can also make use of height-adjustable furniture to create more space. Traditional dressers and chests take up more floor space than tallboys but have the same capacity.

No Bedside, No Problem

Living in a tiny space may pose numerous issues, one of which is the lack of nightstands. If you face this same problem, you may want to use nightstand compartments that are well-designed to hold a wide range of popular in-bed things, including iPads, iPhones, magazines, paperback novels, and glasses. They also incorporate cable loops to help with the regulation of any charging lines.


Sometimes, it all boils down to style. There is no reason for you or your family to be trapped in a small space, so decorating in both style and function may simply be the crucial organisation hack you need. Note that such small bedroom decoration ideas can quickly transform a claustrophobic space into a serene retreat. This way, you’ll live comfortably without going all-out minimalist!

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