Some Useful Tips in Maintaining a Less-Messy Living Room

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No one wants their living room to look like a cluttered disaster. Besides the fact that it would make moving around the house a complete hassle, it also tends to put off guests, especially those who expect to visit a clean home. It is your responsibility to keep it as clean as possible in such a case.

Below are some useful tips that may help you maintain a less-messy living room in the long run.

1. Create Designated Storage Places.

If you want to maintain a less-messy living room, you will have to ensure that you have designated storage places. That way, you can take advantage of them regularly, especially when it comes to putting away all your stuff and keeping it tidy.

2. Store All Fragile Items in a Space Where They're Out of Reach.

Placing furniture is often considered one of the best ways to decorate the living room, but you still have to be cautious when doing it. Chances are, you might need to move them around just to keep the living room tidy. Be careless, and you might break some of your fragile amenities.

That said, store all fragile items in a space where you can keep them out of reach. If you are worried about getting them moved, clip them down with a small latch to make sure that they stay in place.

3. Clean Up Your Living Room Every Single Day.

Allowing your living room to be messy is the easiest way to be lazy about cleaning it. But the thing is, keeping that section of your home tidy will not only make it look neater to guests, but it'll also allow you to easily clean up your living room by just wiping away the dust and the clutter that has accumulated from the previous days.

Some people think that it's fine to just throw out all the dust and the clutter on the floor since it's already a mess since the beginning. But that's far from the truth because once you do that, you will simply let dust and the clutter accumulate in your living room, and you will never have the time to clean it up.

That's why it's essential to tidy up at least once every day – this way, you will have the time to clean up the living room without much hassle.

4. Get Rid of Useless Furniture.

If you have an old, dusty couch that you rarely use, throw it out. If you have an old coffee table that you only used once, try to sell it. There's no need to keep furniture that you never use. You can easily put it up for sale or replace it with something that you can actually use.

5. Buy Furniture That Is Practical.

If you usually host parties in the living room, it's best to get furniture that easily accommodates many guests. In case you host parties on the weekends, an L-shaped couch or an area rug would probably be great.

If you love reading, you should get yourself a small bookcase or a shelf too, so you can easily store all your favourite books.


Overall, creating an area that looks clean and inviting is an important way of making your home look appealing. However, it can be challenging to maintain it in the long run. That's why the tips we have mentioned in this article can help you ease up the process and establish a living room that looks clean and inviting all the time.

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you must strive to create a space that you can easily maintain. That way, you can always avoid the hassle of cleaning up after yourself after a long day at work.

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