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Clutter slowly accumulates in our homes, pushing valuable space to the side over long periods. Before long, bookshelves are overflowing; items take up valuable space on sideboards and dressers are stuffed with things we no longer need or even want.

Whatever the reason for your big declutter session, keep these tips in mind.

Finalise What to Keep and Toss

Organising a crowded room is tricky business. The first step is to separate the items in your control into four simple piles: keep (items you wish to keep), donate (items you want to share with others), store (items you don’t have room to keep but would like to have easily accessible), and throw away (things you’re ready to part with).

You can do this by:

  • Imagining what things you must have on your bedside table or bedside organiser. What doesn’t appear mentally should be chucked out, donated, or sold.
  • Seriously questioning your need for said items just to be sure. Ask yourself:
  • Is it sentimental? Maybe it was from someone special or is connected to a crucial memory. The item may still deserve a dedicated spot in your home.
  • Is it broken or something I haven't used for six months or more? If you can upcycle it into another household item or if you've found a way to repurpose it, you might consider keeping the thing. Otherwise, throw it in the garbage.
  • Can you sell it for a reasonable price? Thinking about your items in a money-making sense can help you decide whether to keep them or sell them on (practically speaking, I usually look at whether I can sell them for a few extra dollars; you could then put that money towards sprucing up the room!)

Go at It in Sections

Organising an entire room full of stuff can seem like a huge undertaking, but it can be broken down into manageable chunks. Start with the most specific, most accessible sections of the room. Put everything that is trash or junk in a bag and take it to a donation centre; get everything that is still used that you want to keep but doesn't belong in this space into a storage unit.

Then, if you have time and energy, move furniture around and deep clean the space with an all-purpose cleaner. If you don't have energy at the end of the cleaning session, wait until you do (or hire a professional cleaner to help) to finish organising this room.

Get Boxes, Bedside Organisers, Etc.

It's hard to work out what you're dealing with when you have to pack things away. Boxes work great for categorising smaller items, giving you a dedicated space for moving and sorting later on. Thus, you can clear the room quicker to see what you're working with.

It's worth getting large plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes, so the boxes don't break when you move them about. A lid on your box is also a good idea for storage unit items. It keeps them safe and tucked away so they don't get dusty over time. Fill the container with an air freshener to hold the items smelling great, so they'll be ready for when you need them later.

Once you’ve packed away unneeded items, place the ones you’ll keep in your free shelf spaces, bedside table, or bedside organiser! 


Cleaning an entire room or house is a daunting task when you don’t break it down into doable chunks of work. Planning is key to getting your living area spic and span once again — whether it’s for finally inviting friends over or just having a room with the free space you’ve always dreamed of.

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