Save time on laundry with these organisation tips

Laundry basket full of dirty clothes

Is the weekly laundry run the bane of your existence? Do piling clothes, toppling baskets and endlessly dirty socks leave you feeling worse for wear? It may be time for a laundry makeover!

By keeping your laundry organised and free of clutter, you can save hours each week on washing clothes—leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. 

1. Invest in custom storage solutions

Customising your closet space is an easy way to keep your laundry in-check and save precious time. Slide-out shelving is a great space-saving option for small laundries, and it helps to keep clutter at bay, too.

Arrange your shelves so everything has a designated space. Think about which items you use most frequently. Store them within easy reach. You may want to keep your laundry basket on a low shelf, so it’s easy to transfer clothes to your washing machine. Keep washing liquids and fabric softeners on a higher shelf, so they’re out of the way but still easy to grab when needed.

2. Maximise bench space

If possible, have your washing machine and dryer installed under your laundry bench, and keep the surface clear of clutter. Washing liquids, dryer sheets and other necessities should be stowed away, leaving plenty of space for you to fold and organise your clothing.

3. Label your baskets

Sorting your clothes into colours, whites and darks is best laundry practice (although sometimes, all that extra work seems overwhelming!) Simplify your routine by using separate baskets for each load, and clearly labelling them.

Now, all you need to do is toss your clothes in the right basket when they’re ready to be washed (and cross your fingers that your kids and partner will do the same!).

4. Transfer your powders into jars

Transferring your washing powders and detergents into jars won’t just beautify your laundry space—but also simplify it. With clear, neatly labelled mason jars, you can easily see how much product is left (so you’re not shocked by mere remnants of powder at the bottom of a container) and finding the right cleaning agent becomes a breeze.

5. Hang a mesh bag from your laundry hamper

Mesh bags are a practical option for handling delicates. By hanging your mesh bag from your laundry hamper (either tied or clipped to the side), and filling it with your delicates throughout the week, you can easily toss them in with the laundry when you’re ready to go.

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