Jewellery Organisation Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


Whether you have a dedicated glam room or treat your bathroom sink as just that, organising your jewellery is a must. It would cut down on your clutter, help you accessorise better, and keep you from losing an earring ever again.

Are you at a loss as to how you can organise your jewellery? Here are some tips for you.

Put Everything You Have in Front of You

Before you can get organised, you first need to make a mess. Collect all the pieces of jewellery you have, go to your bed or table, and make a pile. It doesn’t just help you keep stock of how many accessories you have, but it can also inform you about what kind of storage solutions you will need.

Categorise Your Jewellery

After collecting all your jewellery, separate them by type. Create different piles for earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, and the like. 

You can think of where the jewellery goes on your body to make the task easier to accomplish. You can group watches, bangles, and bracelets because they go on your wrist, and so on.

Pick Your Favourites

Everyone has their everyday accessory staples. Pick out your daily must-haves and put them in a smaller jewellery organiser. 

Doing so will make it easier for you to access them at a moment’s notice, especially if you have to rush out the door in the morning. Don’t forget to stick with the categories and display them as such.

Make It Clear

When storing pieces you don't typically wear, use a clear jewellery box or acrylic drawers. It will help you to see everything that you have in one glance. It can even inspire you to be more creative with your choice of accessories. 

If you are not a fan of the boxes, you can invest in partitioned jewellery safes or pull inspiration from your favourite jewellery store displays. Emulate how they would showcase their products. Just be sure to follow the category system to avoid confusion.

Create and Label the Sections

Don’t throw everything in a jewellery box, acrylic box, or safe. Put your accessories in separate sections and label them accordingly. 

At this time, you can create jewellery subcategories. From jewellery that you put on your wrists, you should have separated the bracelets, cuffs, wristwatches, and the like.

Add a Bit of Height

Most, if not all, pieces of jewellery comes in a box. Instead of stacking all the boxes and losing sight of them in the back of the drawer or safe, use acrylic display shelves to arrange the boxes. 

Not only will you see all the jewellery you own, but you will also be making use of the height to create more storage space, making the most out of what you have.

Use Your Free Space Wisely

If you don’t have the budget or the space for additional organisation systems, you may want to use a door hanging organiser with clear pockets. Hang it behind your bathroom door or bedroom door. It organises your jewellery while using the room’s free space.

Put Them Back Where They Should Go

All the organising you did will be for nothing if you don’t keep it that way. Put your jewellery back in its designated place after using it for the day (or night).

Don’t put it off for later, do it as soon as you can. Placing your jewellery in a dish is easy, but soon you may find a pile of mismatched jewellery, and you effectively reverted to where you started.


The key to keeping your jewels organised is to choose the proper storage solution. Do not stuff your jewellery in a box and hope that you will find it again. Instead, choose a high-quality jewellery organiser or box to see all of your jewellery without making a mess.

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