5 Home Organisation Tips for a Clutter-Free Nursery


As a new parent, you’ll find yourself making tons of purchases for your baby. Who knew such a tiny human could come with so many things?

But when your baby items start to pile up, it can be challenging to navigate through your nursery. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your nursery clean and organised at all times.

We know it can be challenging to keep things tidy when you’re dealing with the grips of new parenthood. But it will benefit both you and your baby when you have an organised nursery. So, here are six tips that can help you keep things in order.

Create a System That Works for You

The key to home organisation is developing a system that works for you. When you don’t have a system or use one that’s ineffective, things can quickly go back to being a mess. To maintain tidiness, you need something sustainable.

Now, every household has a different system in place. To find the one that works best for you, think about the natural flow of the room. For example, when you’re changing the baby’s diaper, what is the process there? Think about what you’ll need for every step and organise these items accordingly.

If you have a partner, make sure to consult them when developing the organisation system for your nursery. Remember, the system has to work for them as well since they’ll also be using the nursery. 

Give Everything a Home

One way to clear the clutter away is to make sure every item has a home. Start by categorising your items. You can categorise them by function or location. Once you’ve grouped the items together, you should assign a specific bin or container for them. This way, you’ll know where to return an item after using it.

Prioritise Accessibility

When you’re a busy parent, you don’t have time to be pulling things off shelves and removing lids. You need to prioritise accessibility when organising your nursery. For items more frequently used, it’s best to place them somewhere accessible and use open bins. 

And for those you use less frequently, you can store them away in less accessible areas. Just make sure you label them accordingly, so you won’t have to look through all the boxes just to get that one thing you need.

Pick Storage-Friendly Furniture

When you don’t really have that much space in your nursery, it would be wise to pick furniture with built-in storage space. Space-saving furniture allows you to maximise the space in your nursery and minimise clutter.

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage Space

Things can get cluttered because there’s not enough horizontal space. If that’s the case, why not take advantage of your vertical space?

Install vertical shelving to lessen the number of things that end up on the floor. You can also use the higher shelves to store items you want to keep out of your baby’s reach.

You could also be creative about your vertical storage. For example, you could use the back of the door to hang some items. You could also maximise your closet space by using hanging organisers.

Final Thoughts

An organised nursery makes for a happy baby and happy parents. To organise your nursery, start by developing an organisation system that works for you. Find ways to maximise the space and always prioritise accessibility over aesthetics.

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