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Are you happy with the way your home looks right now? No, we’re not talking about its size or the architectural style of the house. What we mean is, what do you see when you look around your home? If you are like many homeowners, your home is cluttered with kids’ toys, books that are collecting dust on the shelves, piles of paper, clothes, and others. 

When clutter has already accumulated, it can get overwhelming. You won’t know where to start or how to begin the cleaning process. Don’t worry, though, because in this post, MYLE, your trusted experts in home organisation, shares some easy to follow decluttering strategies that you can do to get rid of all the clutter in your home and keep it spic and span: 

Take on the Task One Bite-Sized Chunk at a Time

As mentioned above, when you’re dealing with mountains of clutter, you could get discouraged. It’s better to start with baby steps. Don’t plan to declutter the entire home in one go - that’s not possible, and you’ll just get disappointed if you fail to complete it. Instead, choose a small area or room to start. Then tackle one spot of that room at a time - the closet, the floor, the bed, etc. do this until you work your way through all the clutter in your house.

Try to Make the Task More Fun

Is that even possible? Is there a way to make the dreadful task of cleaning up more fun? Try listening to your favorite playlist and singing along to your top tunes while cleaning up or tuning in to a podcast that you’ve been meaning to check out for months. You can even set a timer and make a game of it with your kids or other family members. Just make sure there’s a prize so everyone will be motivated. 

Get Into a Keep or Toss Frame of Mind

This is the challenging part of your task. You need to determine whether you’ll throw things out, donate them, or keep them. You cannot skip this and decide just to keep everything because it will end up as clutter again soon. Have at least three boxes ready - one for donations, one for disposal, one for keeping. When you’re done sorting things, don’t let the boxes sit in your garage or attic to “deal with another day.” Do it at once. Drive to a community center or wherever you could donate your unused stuff and take out the ones you’re disposing of so the rubbish collector can pick them up. 

It could greatly help if you already choose the organization that’s going to receive your gently used clothes or toys because that will make your decision to give things away more meaningful. 

Make a Place for Everything You Own

What does this mean? Well, you have items like keys, your wallet, and other knick-knacks that might not have their designated spots in the house. You might not have a drawer, especially for receipts and bills, or a box for all your sunglasses or hair accessories. 

If this is true, you will benefit from giving your stuff their designated storage. They don’t have to be fancy. For instance, you can assign one layer of your cabinet to all your scarves. You can have a bed organiser where you’ll place your phone, charger, reading glasses, and other things that you use before you sleep. When there’s a designated place for everything, they’re not likely to end up in a pile somewhere in the house where they don’t belong.


These are just four of the things that you can do to make the process of decluttering easier. By following decluttering tips and organisation hacks like these, you can keep your home tidier, and the task itself becomes more enjoyable. 

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