A Guide for Packing Jewellery Safely During Travels

Jewellery Case

Summer is the time for travel. Whether travelling abroad, taking a road trip, or relaxing at the beach, you may have questions about what jewellery to wear and pack. Don't plan your jewellery at the last minute. Start by reviewing these travel packing jewellery tips.

1. Use a Travel Jewellery Case

If you travel frequently, it might make sense to invest in a travel jewellery case. Not only will this keep your name and address cards, boarding passes, and other important information close at hand, but it will also keep your jewellery organised and free from tangles and scratches.

2. Use Index Cards

Correctly organise your earrings when you travel so you can easily find them. Create a card with holes, then secure your earrings through the holes using safety pins. Wrap a cloth around the card and pack it with the rest of your jewellery.

3. Pack with a Daily Pill Box

Some people use seven-day pill boxes to manage weekly pill doses, but they're also convenient for storing a single earring, ring, or even a bracelet or necklace. Put just one item (or an earring pair) in each box, and you'll never tangle jewellery again. When you're looking for a certain piece of jewellery, the boxes can help you find it much more quickly. When packing jewellery for vacation or the weekend, use some old prescription pill bottles to organise your jewellery items, placing all the bottles in a larger ziplock bag.

4. Put Them in Little Plastic Bags

One of the most convenient and free ways to store your jewellery while you travel is with those small sealable plastic bags you often get with inexpensive pieces. Each item of jewellery should go in its own bag to keep things organised and prevent tangling. Just put all the little plastic bags into a larger ziplock bag to pack when travelling. If you don't have these bags on hand, head to the craft store. Or you can also just use a ziplock bag from your kitchen cabinet.

5. Use Straws

Keep necklace chains tangle-free by feeding one end of each chain through the centre of a drinking straw. Then close the clasp. Put each straw in a toothbrush holder to keep all the chains safe. If you're storing a bulky pendant or two, push several toilet paper tubes through the chains.

6. Use Buttons

Keep earring pairs together for travel and at home by using buttons. If you have extra buttons in your craft stash, use a spare button to attach one earring to another pair. Place a button on the back of each earring; then, use a sewing needle to poke a hole through the button so that the needle can then go through the other earring's loop to connect them. Keep your buttoned earring pairs in a small ziplock bag or wrap them in a small cloth to keep them safe during travel.

7. Use Sealable Snack Cups

If you have small children in the house, you likely have a few small plastic bowls or snack cups to store individual necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. These are great for storing earring-pair buttons wrapped in a small cloth.


Jewellery is available in different sizes and shapes. If you are careful about packing them, you can prevent them from getting damaged. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you keep your jewellery safe throughout the journey and use them for regular use after you reach your destination.

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