Encouraging Ways to Teach Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

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You’ve been cleaning the house the entire day only to see that your kids’ rooms look as if you’ve not been there, with toys scattered around and clothes teeming with stains and dirt. You start seeing yourself transforming like The Incredible Hulk—screaming your kids’ names at the top of your lungs and cursing yourself for being in the same situation every single time. 

You can imagine it clearly, can't you? This is probably because this scenario has been a familiar situation to some of you. Cleaning your kids’ room can turn into a chore that you will unwillingly want to do as it constantly stretches you like a rubber band nearing its breaking point. Like seeing a sad movie on a feel-good night, you wish to have a different ending to your daily house cleaning.

Let’s try to change your ending by introducing some helpful steps that you can do to get your kids to clean their own rooms. Here is a list of things you should try to get your kids to start working on their own.

Assist Your Kids

You can’t expect young kids to do what you ask without help. Assist them as they clean the room and make sure they feel that they are still in charge of the task. This way, they don't feel overwhelmed with the responsibility. Your continued guidance will show them how to clean their room correctly.

Give Specific Instructions

Instead of just saying, “Go, clean your room!” give your kids specific tasks to complete. Your kids may not know how to start cleaning the mess or how to do it properly. In this case, you may need to show them how to do things like sweeping the floor. Guide them as they start to learn so they will be corrected and instructed carefully. Give them exact commands like “Put the alarm clock back on the bedside organiser.”

Provide a To-do List

Another effective way to get kids to complete several tasks is to provide them with a list of what they should accomplish. As they finish each task, they can tick the box and move on to the next one until they have completed the list.

If your younger kids can’t read yet, you can still give them a checklist but instead of words, show illustrations of each task. You can draw or print these illustrations for your kids’ reference.

Let Them Have Fun

On some occasions, allow your kids to feel as if they are still playing when they tidy their rooms. Turn cleaning chores into games that they will enjoy, like using a timer to time their tasks, and the fastest one gets a prize. They can also ring a bell after finishing a task. Be creative and resourceful to make cleaning a fun thing to do for your kids. But make sure to do it at the right time, with your kids exercising caution.

Treat Your Kids for a Job Well-Done

Go beyond giving your kids candy or money to reward them for accomplishing their tasks. You can reward them by having a movie night, baking a cake, or playing in the park. It’s hitting two birds with one stone: they get the job done, and you have quality time with your kids!


Your kids are your best partners in keeping your house clean. Teach them to be responsible for cleaning their own rooms in fun, encouraging ways like turning it into a game, or using cute, illustrated lists they will be excited to work through. Soon, your house will be squeaky clean!

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