5 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Keep Their Room Organised

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Organising kids’ rooms take time and commitment. It takes patience, along with frequent pauses for negotiation. Once they become more responsible for cleaning their bedrooms, they’ll be able to help with the rest of your home.

If you are having trouble getting your kids to keep their rooms organised, here are some helpful tips.

1) Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

As long as you’re not on a tight budget, there’s no reason why the furniture you choose for your kids’ rooms has to be boring. After all, your kids will spend more time in their rooms than anywhere else in the house. So make sure these rooms are both fun and functional!

It’s hard to argue with fun. Children are more likely to comply with a rule when they know they can have fun with it.

2) Opt for Easy-to-Fix Bedding

The more time and effort it takes to make a bed, the more time and effort it takes to make the bed messy again. This is why we love sheet sets with deeper pockets. They’re fun to decorate and easy to fix.

Get the fitted sheet on first, and then the top sheet. That way, the top sheet will be easier to fix. When you make the bed, tuck it in well. Then you can fold it over to look like a tidy hospital bed. You can make a simple hospital corner or a double hospital corner. Either way, your bed will look neat and tidy.

3) Make Storing Items Fun

Having a lot of stuff to the store can be overwhelming to kids. Instead of making kids feel bad about their stuff, encourage them to explore new ways to store their belongings.

For example, instead of complaining when your children bring home five new stuffed animals, consider buying a special bookshelf just for stuffed animals. Buy them a beanbag chair or a designated basket. These things can help your children make better use of their room.

4) Maximise Spaces Underneath the Bed

There’s no need to have those big closet doors hanging open. Instead, you can store things underneath the bed. Your children can use the space under the bed to store their shoes and toys.

A bed with a storage base is perfect for this. When your children have company, they can slide the storage base out and invite their friends to play with the toys that are underneath. The storage base can also help your children store things they use more often, such as large stuffed animals and games.

5) Make Sure Storage Areas Are at Kid-Height

Children are going to be more likely to use a storage area if it’s at their height. For example, instead of storing toys in a toy chest, you can use a large clear storage bag. Then the toys can be easily seen, which will make it easy for your children to find what they want.

You can also maximise the storage area under the bed. You can put an under-the-bed storage container there. This way, you won’t have to worry about toys spilling out from under the bed.


Children won’t know what organisation is unless they learn it from you. While they may seem like they don’t listen, they’re actually paying attention to everything you do.

Make organisation more fun for your kids with a bedside organiser that will keep their things neat and secure. At MYLE, we offer organisation solutions to make your life easier. Take a look at our vast catalogue today and see for yourself.

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