Decluttering Should Be Done More Often. Here’s Why.

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There's always that one spot (or two, or three...) throughout our homes that just end up with a bunch of clutter, no matter how frequently you tidy them up. Ideally, everything has its proper place and will be put back there after every single use. However, areas with high traffic are bound to end up seeing mail, pamphlets, candies, coins and the like just continuously piling up. Thankfully, a quick declutter can make all the difference, especially when it's done regularly!

What Is Decluttering?

As the name suggests, decluttering is all about ridding a certain space of clutter. This means a mess of things that are not necessarily useful and just take up space more than anything particularly helpful. It's often associated with a general clean or something that's done before moving houses.

In truth, there is a lot of good that can come out of decluttering a home on a weekly basis.

Here are some areas of the home that will benefit from more frequent decluttering sessions:

The Bathroom

Clutter can be prevented in a bathroom in the long-term if there's enough storage space. An extra shelf, a storage box that fits under the sink, organisers that sit on the bathroom counter; all of that can go a long way. Despite these options, however, there's still a tendency for minor clutter to pile up.

Bathroom clutter can come in a number of forms. Bottles that tipped over because a person was rushing, makeup and makeup brushes that were left askew, even medications that may have long expired but are still sitting there. Make the time to take a good look at everything at least once a week.

Throw out what you can, or if it's something you haven't used in a while that's still in good condition, consider giving it away.

The Bedroom

It's pretty easy to take a room's disheveled state for granted. Closets, shelves and dressers or vanities will have a tendency to have things build up. Besides your storage spaces, you can also do well with designating set corners for your essentials.

Find the television remote (if there's a TV in your room) and designate a place for it, so you don't fish for it all the time. Make the bed, and take a second look at whether or not those throw pillows are actually necessary. If you have a lot of clothes lying around in particular, maybe look into getting your closet organised as well. 

The Kitchen

It's important to declutter a refrigerator in particular because food may end up rotting and becoming considerably stinky. Check the expiration dates on the food inside it. Read labels of things that may have been bought way too long ago.

Besides your packed and canned goods, keep an eye on bread and similar perishables for possible mold spots, too. A half-empty can that's been around for more than a week is definitely not worth keeping. Milk that's been left out will likely do more harm than good at that point. 


No matter how neatly a person keeps their home, it's possible for a little clutter to get in the way still. Decluttering on a regular basis takes care of this problem. Organise the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen weekly for a clutter-free existence.

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