Declutter With the Best Bedside Storage Caddy

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Nobody wants to wake up to clutter, especially if items are strewn about your bedside tables. Sometimes we wake up to discover items like our glasses, cellphone, jewellery, and other tiny objects plopped on the bed. Are you guilty of any of this? If yes, then it’s probably time to think about a nightstand storage caddy. 

Bedside storage caddies are like bed pocket organisers. They’re made with many compartments and are usually suspended from a bed frame, a headboard, or between a box spring and a mattress. Their primary purpose is to act as additional storage for phones, tablets, books, magazines, glasses, TV remotes, medicines, and so on.

When choosing the best bedside caddy for you, you must first consider your needs and your lifestyle. Such specifications will aid in determining sizes and the required number of pockets, all while considering where you want to hang or fasten the caddy. As you compile these details, you may now begin your caddy hunt!

The Bedside Storage Caddy Criteria


Quality is everything. If you’re looking for a caddy that can withhold items from gadgets to food, to books, and such, you’ll want something that’s exceptionally durable. Fortunately, you can tell just by looking. Caddies that don’t appear to be capable of storing more than one item with repeated use, well, usually can’t.


Caddies are available in several designs to suit a range of purposes. Some contain a few pockets, while others have many more in a variety of sizes. Some can accommodate goods in smaller sizes like a thin book or tablet, while others can accommodate items as large as a 14-inch laptop. There is a wide range of functions to meet the particular demands of various people.

Securing System

The majority of bedside storage caddies hang from the box spring and mattress, although others have various fastening systems. Some caddies, for example, are meant to hang from a headboard or bed frame. It's critical to look at different fastening techniques to accommodate your preferences.

A Simple Purchasing Guide 

When it comes to setting your eyes on the best caddy of your bedside dreams, you must also consider a few things before making the splurge. Some of these things include preferences on where the storage should be placed, what items do you want it to carry, the design and colour, fabric, and so on.

Most bedside storage caddies include a thin flat that slips between the box spring and mattress to hold it in place or a fastener that is mounted to the headboard to provide constant storage space. Others may provide bigger compartments for sensitive devices such as laptops and tablets, but this is an uncommon find.

As useful as caddies are, it’s also crucial to assess your own living situation first before buying your own set. From storage needs, design, quality, and pricing make sure to always choose a home organiser that would work best for you and your family.


A bedside storage caddy can significantly reduce clutter and make regularly used things, like reading glasses and mobile devices, more accessible. Prioritise your lifestyle while choosing the ideal caddy for you. Soon, you'll have a neater, more convenient sleeping space!

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