Declutter and Organise: Time to Get Your Bathroom in Order


A well-organised bathroom not only looks better, but it is also more convenient to use. For example, you'll know precisely where to find a bandage or cotton ball whenever you need one. 

It's simple to see the difference between a shower with shampoo and soap strewn about and a well-organised caddy.

5 Things You Can Do Now to Organise Your Bathroom

1. Get the Linen Closet in Order

If you have a large house, your linen closet may take up an entire room, or it may be part of a walk-in closet. It is essential to have enough storage space for your linens, blankets, pillows, and other bedding and towels if you have a tiny closet space. 

To get you started, here are a few ideas:

  • If you no longer need or utilise an item, get rid of it!
  • Separate bedding, towels, and other linens into distinct piles.
  • Check to see how many things you have.
  • Create a washing schedule depending on how often you need to wash each item.

2. Declutter and Set Up the Right Products

If you only organise your linens, you won't get very far. As a result, you'll need a few more supplies and gadgets to keep everything tidy. 

Most home goods stores and online shopping sites sell the following items:

  • Use hooks and pegs to hang things up.
  • Store towels and blankets in the closet.
  • Utilise a shelf liner.
  • Install rods and hooks as storage devices.
  • Opt for closets with sliding doors.
  • Consider shelving in a closet.
  • Get under-bed storage containers made of plastic.
  • Think of organisational schemes for closets.

These items help you keep your towels, linens, and beddings neat and in place.

3. Manage the Counter Space

Clutter-free counter space is easy to achieve with a few simple tricks. Having a system to follow is the key. Keeping a few essentials on hand will help you keep your counters clutter-free. 

Consider the following tips:

  • Add dish racks and a drying rack.
  • Install a medicine chest.
  • Place wall-mounted hand towels.
  • Include storage for all kinds of cosmetics and hairstyling implements.
  • Get a container for small personal items like a basket or tray.

4. Maintain the Tub and Shower

There is a good chance that your bathroom's shower and tub will be the most cluttered place in the house. That's because they often have a lot of room for storage. To make the most of the available space, ensure everything is well-organised.

The following are a few strategies to arrange the area:

  • Get rid of bathroom products you don’t need anymore.
  • Take time to categorise your belongings, such as toiletries and cleaning products.
  • The number of baths you take will dictate the frequency of your cleaning program.
  • Make towels and other bathing supplies readily available, like shampoo and soap.

There should be adequate room in the shower or bathtub for everything. Toss everything you no longer need or want after inspecting what you have to clean.

5. Rearrange the Cabinets and Drawers

Your bathroom may have a variety of cabinets and drawers. Too much material in these containers might make them unusable because of the confusion they create. 

To keep your cabinets and drawers tidy, consider the following suggestions:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items that are only taking up space.
  • Sort goods into groups, such as sanitisers and cleaning materials, before putting them away.
  • Towels, cosmetics, and other personal stuff should be easily accessible.

Make sure the cabinets and drawers have adequate room for everything. Throw out bathroom products you do not require anymore after thorough assessment and cleaning.


Once you've established a system for organising the bathroom that works for you, it should be simple to maintain. But you'll need to put forth some effort to keep everything in order. Always place things back where they belong after using them. Don't allow clutter to build up in the bathroom. Your daily regimen should include this type of essential maintenance rather than a vast cleaning job.

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