Declutter Your Kitchen with These 5 Clever Organisation Tips


Organisation makes food prep easy! There’s nothing more enjoyable for a chef or cook than knowing everything they need is within arm’s reach—including pots, pans, and other cookware. A neat kitchen is an efficient kitchen; that’s why we’ve listed five clever organisation tips that declutter your cooking spaces and make them better to work in!

Switch from Horizontal to Vertical

If you want to see what we mean by this, just look at your refrigerator shelves. A horizontal arrangement quickly takes up space and makes it harder to see what item you need.

This same logic applies to your kitchen. Placing pots, pans, and knives on top of each other requires a bit more effort to take them out and put them back in. Switch from horizontal to vertical instead by employing hanging racks for stove ware and a magnetic knife rack for cutting utensils to access them when needed quickly. 

Another plus is that these items are more visible since the racks hanging from the walls.

Free Up Kitchen Counters

These surfaces are handy for chopping fruits and vegetables, kneading dough, or laying out your ingredients for food prep. All those tasks are hard to do when kitchen countertops are de facto shelves for appliances or snacks. What a waste of good space!

We highly recommend isolating kitchen counters for meal preparations only and nothing more. Everything else you used to place there can go inside cupboards or kitchen shelves.

Maximise Pantry and Cabinet Spaces

These areas are great for storing items that used to be on your kitchen counters. However, you might find them running out of space soon if you don’t know how to maximise their spaces. Adding a couple of bedside organisers on corners or edges lets you hang a few more containers of spices or sauces, especially those you want to keep out of your children’s reach.

Pro tip: Keep all canned goods and similar foodstuffs in these areas as the cooler temperatures protect them from spoiling faster.

Fully stocked your cabinets, pantries, and shelves with various foods and need more space for the remaining items? Not to worry, that’s what low cabinets are for! These nifty spaces can fit food storage containers, water jugs, cleaning detergents, and washcloths, so you don’t have to reach for them on your tippy-toes! 

Move All Appliances to One Counter

Bring all your appliances (toaster, microwave, coffeemaker, and so on) to one accessible location to make your kitchen efficient. If possible, ensure that the refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and oven are adjacent.

Why? The proximity of these appliances makes it easier to prepare meals and drinks. Say you want a piece of toast with vegemite on it. It is more convenient to prepare said meal if the refrigerator, magnetic knife rack, and toaster are less than an arm’s length apart than travelling from one part of the kitchen to the other just to put ingredients together.

Use Towel Racks

Towel racks are great for either cloth or paper variants. How so? Leaving towels in a heap on a surface prevents them from drying out evenly and attracts mould, which could spread to food and other ingredients and produce an unsavoury smell.

Towel racks—whether attached to the call or a cabinet handle—keep them away from surfaces and allow you to spread out the cloth for an even dry. 

One Last Thing

Good chefs and cooks know precisely what they need and where they can get them. That’s why we shared these five clever organisation tips for you to try out. When followed, you’ll be cooking like a world-class professional in no time, reaching out for ingredients, utensils, and seasonings with minimal effort to make delicious home-cooked meals.

If you want to keep making your life easier when cooking, contact MYLE! We’re an Australian design firm that creates home organisation products from the highest quality materials, like this awesome magnetic knife rack!

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