Our Guide to a Clutter-Free, Organized Bedroom


Making the bed is such a simple task, something that parents always remind children to do. Sometimes, this chore may seem almost insignificant that many can afford to forget doing!

Although there’s not much of a consequence when you don’t make your bed—except maybe your mother’s disappointment—failing to start the day with a clean bed can actually significantly impact the rest of your day and even your life.

More Than Making the Bed

When US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven said, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed,” he was right. Whether you want to change the world or just wish to have a good day, making your bed can make a difference!

It’s crucial to keep in mind that making your bed is only the beginning. Your responsibility doesn’t stop there—you must build on the sense of accomplishment you’ve gotten from making the bed and also work on the entire bedroom and eventually other areas of your life.

Making your bed signifies the beginning of positive changes in your life, while cleaning and organising your bedroom can lead to joy and fulfilment! Instead of thinking of tidying your bedroom as a chore, wouldn’t it be more fit to treat this task as a necessary duty that contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle?

Organising the Bedroom

There’s no use in having a made-up bed when the rest of your room is messy. Do you think greeting the morning with a depressing amount of mess sounds like a good beginning to the day? A cluttered environment will negatively impact your mood and your ability to face the challenges ahead.

Tiptoeing through your clutter and constantly looking for your belongings beneath the mess you’ve made doesn’t precisely inspire productivity or positivity. If you want to change something in your life, you have to begin with yourself—particularly, your bedroom!

Here are a few tips below to help you organise your bedroom and improve the ambience of your sleeping environment:

Use Bed Space

If you can’t seem to find any more space for your belongings, you’re probably not looking in the right places! When it comes to storage space, you have to be smart—unconventional storage solutions will save you time, money, and of course, space!

The bed area is one of the less used spaces to store things. A nightstand does come in handy for placing some picture frames and a few books, but you can only put so much on it! To add more storage, a bed pocket organiser can come in handy. MYLE’s Buddy Beddy Bedside Organiser is perfect for keeping your bedside essentials organised and in one place.

Organise Per Area

Tidying up the whole bedroom is a huge undertaking, and it may seem overwhelming when you think about having to tackle every nook and cranny. To make things easier, we recommend dividing the room into sections based on its function. For example, you can start with decluttering the closet, then move on to the dresser, and finally, the under-the-bed area.

Hang Blankets on a Rack

A blanket rack is perfect for those with many blankets, quilts, and throw pillows that they regularly use. With a blanket rack to store blankets on, making the bed and getting ready to sleep will become significantly easier!


Never underestimate the impact of organising your bedroom! One small change, such as making the bed or tidying up the bedroom, can snowball into bigger and better things that may benefit you in the future. As long as you use the proper storage solution and follow our tips, you’ll indeed have a healthier and happier life!

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