Clear Your Clutter: A Guide to Keeping Your Home Organised


There are always spaces in our homes that tend to be filled with items and clutter. While we try to keep up a routine of cleaning and organising every two weeks or every month, this may not be enough.

A cluttered space will give you a headache and could distract you from being able to focus on your work. So it is always a need to try and keep your space as clean and organised as possible.

In this article, we will talk about the spaces in your home that needs constant decluttering. It is advisable to try and declutter these spaces as often as you can. Continue reading to find out more.


When was the last time you decluttered your fridge? If you have not, you may want to do it ASAP. People have a tendency to leave food, especially bottled stuff in the fridge way past its expiration date. Eventually, the fridge starts to smell, and by the time you clean it out, the bacteria has already spread.

Make it a habit to clear your fridge weekly. You don’t have to clean it thoroughly each week, but just try to throw out old food products.


Whenever people have freshly laundered clothes, they leave them somewhere around the room and don’t immediately put them in their closet. Other times, they just leave their clothes on “the chair” after trying them on. This eventually piles up into a big mess.

Ideally, you should try to immediately clean up after your clothing. This can help you avoid having a big mess in your room.

Cosmetics and Hygiene Products

If you wear makeup and have a lot of products, or if you do a lot of skin care, your vanity may be a mess. This could get you confused with a lot of products, or you may end up keeping expired or empty products.

We recommend that you try to get a makeup organiser to help you with this mess. Some makeup organisers come in multi-levelled bags, plastic organiser bins and more. Try to choose what is right for your products and your lifestyle.


Going through tangled-up necklaces and bracelets is a nightmare. It gets so frustrating that you eventually just give up on that piece of jewellery and let it be. But you wouldn't have to worry about this nightmare with jewellery organisers.

They all come in different forms, and you just need to get one for your different kinds of jewellery. Separating them will keep them from being entangled with one another.


Even if you label your keys, they can get very annoying if lumped together. Keep your keys organised with a magnetic key organiser.

A magnetic key organiser for your wall allows you to not only separate your keys, but also identify them easily. You don't have to grab the wrong keys anymore.


Keeping your home organised is necessary. It allows you to focus and live a healthy lifestyle. Not only does clutter distract you, but it also gathers dust and bacteria in the fridge. Always try to keep your home and things organised by routinely cleaning them. It is also recommended that you purchase organisers for your items.

If you are looking for high-quality home organisers, MYLE can provide you with just that. With our Australian-made, high-quality products, you will have all the solutions for your cluttered items. Shop with us today to keep your home organised!

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