A Checklist for Decluttering and Organising Your Bedroom


Staying at home usually means that we’re in a bedroom much more often. We rest and sleep there, but there are plenty who also use the space to eat and work as well. Spending so much of your time in such a space requires practicality and a bit more style rather than clutter and a lack of organisation. 

If you haven’t begun trying to make sense of the mess in your personal space, now’s probably the best time to do so. Many storage solutions are available on the market, so it’s best to get together a list and figure out what you’re getting for the bedroom.

Here’s how you can declutter and organise your bedroom a little better:

1) Invest in Bedroom Shelves

The bedroom usually contains a lot of things that we might want to have on display, such as our favourite book titles or a few figurines, perhaps even a memorable paperweight from childhood. Be sure to get a couple of shelves that would allow you to store the items while featuring them right on there in full view.

2) Work on Wardrobe Storage

Clothes often make up more than half of the mess, strewn on the floor in zero fashion. If you want to rectify this a little better, try to look up some wardrobe storage and spend a little more time folding everything. Making a habit out of this organisation can be ideal behaviour that you should do every time.

3) Introduce a Seat and Desk 

Whether you’re a student or corporate employee, there are high chances that you might be bringing your computer and a few papers into the bedroom. To keep this space a little more organised, have a dedicated seat and desk where you can place all your stuff at. Studying and working shouldn’t lead to an unkempt room.

4) Get a Bedroom Organiser

Sometimes, improving the storage in your room is just simply getting a set of organisers that you can position right by the bedside. By having an avenue that you can utilise to put away a majority of your items, you can clear the mess and put everything in one spot.

Try getting one for each side of your bed for maximum efficiency and more choices. Remember to pick out a style that you may be interested in. If you want to dedicate an item for magazines and other extra items, a storage basket might be a good idea as well. 

5) Put Away Jewellery and Other Trinkets

Sometimes, searching for your favourite pair of earrings or bracelets can lead to you making more of a mess, especially if you aren’t aware of where each item is. Be sure to collect and put everything away together by getting an organised case for your jewellery.

You can also apply the same principle of grouping with other items in your room. For instance, if there are plenty of stationery items and tools lying around, it might be time to get a dedicated organiser. That way, you simplify storage and access all at once.


By checking everything off of this list, you should be one step closer to an ideal and organised bedroom that’s lovely to stay in. Remember to make an arrangement that you’re comfortable with since you will be the one who has to spend their days and nights in the space.

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