Best space saving ideas, tips and products for small bedroom

Best space saving ideas, tips and products for small bedroom-MYLE

If you have a small bedroom then you’ll know what a challenge it can be to find storage space for your items. Lack of storage leads to a cluttered room with piles of clothes and personal items scattered all other the floor. It becomes hard to find what you need, let alone to navigate the room. Mess in the bedroom can even have a negative impact on your health and quality of sleep.

In addition, the way your bedroom looks can tell a lot about you and your personality too. Mess in the room is one of the first things that will be noticed by a visitor entering into the bedroom for the first time and can make a negative impression on you.

Tip: The easiest way to get into a habit of being organised is to have a dedicated storage space for your items.

If you don’t have allocated space for your items, you will just leave it anywhere and quickly end up in very a messy room.

Tip: If you want your room to look tidy - keep stuff off the floor! Don’t leave things on the floor, instead put them into the dedicated storage space.

1. A Bed with Storage 



It is obvious that one of the most important furniture in the bedroom is the bed. For a small bedroom, going for a compact bed with built-in storage compartments is the best. The storage capacity of this type of beds varies, depending on your needs and budget. There are beds with compartments under the mattress which can be used for storing bed linen and other items, while others are equipped with drawers and some even with a bookshelf.

One of the first things to do is to find out the exact dimensions of your bedroom by taking down the measurement so as to decide on the size of bed you can fit comfortably. Don’t worry if you don’t have a measuring tape, just download a distance measuring app on your phone. Some of the best measurement apps around are the ImageMeter for Android and EasyMeasure on iPhone.

The average adult shoulder width is around 41cm, so you want to have at least 50cm of walking space around your bed. Once you know the size head to BedWorks - an Australian brand that sells custom-made gas lift beds and choose your bed size and colour of upholstery.

Tip: Use light coloured bed linen, it makes the room feel and look more spacious.

2. A bedside caddy

Light grey bedside caddy

There’s no better way to keep all your books and gadgets off the floor than this innovative bedside caddy from MYLE. It’s the best bedside storage solution for small bedrooms and can replace a bedside table completely. Conveniently placed and well-sized pockets can hold anything from laptops and books to remote controls and reading glasses. The clever design makes it compatible with any bed and installation takes only 2 seconds.

3. Lapmate

Lap table

Working in bed just got a lot easier thanks to Lapmate - a multifunctional folding lap table. It’s great for serving food in bed too! You can customise the length of legs and inclination angle. There’s even a drawer tucked underneath. Conveniently, you can fold it away while not in use.

4. Storage basket


It’s a good idea to have a storage basket in the bedroom and put in there everything that you use regularly and it would otherwise end up on the floor. Things like blankets, throws and pillows, yoga mat or other exercise equipment go here. Ideally, you should choose a space-saving shape - like this square storage basket from MYLE. It conveniently fits into corners and it’s square shape maximise storage capacity.

5. Shelves


Shelves are another great way to utilise vertical space. Use it to store small and lightweight items. Other people like to place some photo frames, candles or small plants to liven up the room.

Tip: You don’t necessarily need to drill holes in the wall, just use these lightweight wall shelves from IKEA together with Command picture hanging strips. Here’s a handy video tutorial showing how to do it.

Tell us what you think about our storage space-saving tips for small bedrooms and let us know what are yours in the comment section below!

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