6 great baby shower gift ideas!


Baby shower is one of the most exiting events for a new mama-to-be. It is a great way to gather family and friends together to celebrate the baby that will be welcomed into the family. To make this day special, close friends and family spoil new mum-to-be with loads of gifts for her baby.

It can be extremely overwhelming when choosing right gifts as it is not only have to be practical but unique and beautiful too. That is why we have put together the perfect baby shower gift guide that every mum will love and appreciate.

Practical yet so gorgeous nappy caddy full of baby essentials will make the perfect gift for every mama-to-be.

Nappy caddy

Nappy changing process will be one of the most common things that mother will do for a long period of time. So why not to make her life easier by simplifying this process? MYLE nappy caddy is a great solution for keeping all baby essentials in one place. It is easy to move around a house, so you would always have it ready whenever needed. The diaper caddy is a beautiful grey in color and has the option of either pink or turquoise for the inner color. It is also the foundation of the baby shower gift where all other beautiful gifts will make this basket complete.

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Cotton nappies

Did you know that it takes around 400 years for each disposable nappy to completely decompose? That is why we love the idea of including environment friendly cotton nappies into the baby shower gift basket. These nappies have more absorbency than microfiber or bamboo inserts ensuring baby stays dry the entire night. My Little Gumnut has a lot of beautiful designs to choose from and we are sure every mother would love to be the part of the good cause towards saving environment.

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Baby skin barrier balm

A newborn baby skin can be extremely reactive that is why skin barrier balm is an essential edition into the gift basket. We have chosen Mikash baby skincare because it is full of natural ingredients and free from any nasties. It is best for treating cuts, burns, dry patches and nappy rashes - first aid for a sensitive baby skin that every mum will love!

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Every mum would appreciate a beautiful swaddle as wrapping a newborn baby can help settle them to sleep and reduce awakening. Milly Moo muslin wraps are made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton that makes it super soft and breathable. It also can be used as a bassinet sheet cover, lightweight blanket, pram cover and much more!

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A mother`s keepsake journal

This gift from The Grace Files is super unique and special. Journaling to your child creates a handwritten story of their childhood where mother shares her love and memories – a love letter from mother to her child.

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Teething can be a stressful time and including great quality teether into the baby shower gift will help sooth sore little gums. We love One.Chew.Three teethers as they are all independently tested to meet Australian standards and have a lot of different beautiful designs to choose from.

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This practical yet unique baby shower gift basket will make a perfect use for every new mama-to-be!


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