Achieve Home Organization Success: Know Where to Start!

Achieve Home Organization Success: Know Where to Start! - MYLE - Make Your Life Easier

Organising your home can seem like a daunting task. The best way to start is to tackle one project at a time. It can be achieved in phases, making the chore more manageable and less stressful.

With our tips, you'll be well on your way to organising your home in no time. So, where do you begin? 

Storage Areas & Spaces

Before starting with major areas in your home, make sure your storage areas and spaces are free of clutter. Therefore, start with that drawer you have been meaning to organise for months now. We’re pretty sure you have a few drawers that need some organising. 

When you’re done with them, you can move on to bigger storage spaces, like your basement or a hall closet. It’s good to divide large storage spaces into smaller areas to make the task more manageable.

Another tip: If you don’t mind spending some money to make the whole organisation task easier, get some systems, like bins, a closet organiser and many more. Plus, they can make the whole task even more exciting!

Shared Areas

Now, it’s time to move on to the shared areas in your house, which are the major ones. These are the areas that experience the most traffic in your home, so think kitchen, bathroom, and living area. 

The first thing to do here is to declutter and find a place where you can store all those items Hence, we recommend you start with storage spaces first!

Work with other members of your household when dealing with shared items as well. You don’t want to add something to a donation or toss pile without asking first, right? 

Personal Areas

When you’re done organising the shared spaces in your home, the next step is to organise personal areas, i.e. the bedrooms. Be prepared because this may take more effort to organise because you will need to assess almost every item you see carefully. 

Let’s say you’re organising your closet. It may be a bit more time-consuming when choosing which clothes to toss, donate or keep. No worries; you can always apply Marie Kondo’s wisdom here—if it doesn’t spark joy, throw it!. 

When it comes to your office space, the paperwork that’s piled up may be something that you want to deal with, but you have to. From hereon, you can set up a system that works for your lifestyle. That way, you can avoid accumulating unnecessary items and piles of paperwork on your office table. 

Small Areas

The last step of the organisation journey is dealing with the small spaces. A lot of people think it’s the other way around—small spaces go first when organising because it seems more practical that way. However, that’s not how it works. 

When we say small areas, these are your linen closet, the laundry room and even the guest room. Most of the time, these are spaces that are probably not THAT disorganised, so you only have to do a bit of work on them, which is why they come last. 

Get Organised Today

Organising your home can be daunting. It seems like you'll never get around to it. So then it becomes a never-ending cycle of procrastination, and before you know it, there's no way you're going to get around to organising your home anytime in the near future. You know that organising is just plain hard work. When you know where to start, everything will start to flow. 

Get quality home organisers in Australia and make your organisation journey easier. Here at MYLE, we offer home solutions to make the process of organisation a lot easier. Shop now!

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