8 steps to achieve a clutter-free kitchen

Kitchen with a magnetic knife holder

Of all the rooms in a house, kitchens tend to be the biggest clutter magnets. Magazines, envelopes, keys, and handbags seem to gravitate towards our countertops, leaving little space for what they’re supposed to be used for!

By clearing our kitchens of needless clutter, we create breathing space for a more beautiful room and a healthier mind.

1. Stow away appliances

Bulky appliances are counter space hogs! Think about how often you use your toaster or blender—once a day, in the morning? Then there’s no need for it to sit on the counter all day long! Stow your appliances away in a cupboard—out of sight, out of mind—for an instant kitchen refresh.

2. Quickly tend to dirty dishes

You know how it goes—you leave one dish by the sink, and suddenly the pile is twenty dishes high and teetering at the slightest breeze. Nip this problem in the bud by tossing used dishes straight into the dishwasher.

3. Declutter your décor

As Marie Kondo proclaimed: keep only those things that speak to your heart. Is your kitchen overflowing with kitschy knick knacks and tired trinkets? Hold onto what means the most to you—and rid of the rest.

4. Everything in its place

When everything is in its right place, we feel calm. We can relax. Designate a drawer, cupboard or basket for every utensil, every plate, every cookbook. Keep things where they belong, and cleaning becomes a breeze.

5. Respect routine

Falling off the wagon for a single day can lead to disaster. Take 20 minutes every night to completely clear your kitchen—put everything back in its place, empty the dishwasher, and relax. The next day, you’ll wake up feeling inspired by your fresh, sparkling clean kitchen. 

6. Adopt modern solutions

Loose utensils and clunky knife blocks steal valuable counter space. Try a modern storage solution like a magnetic knife holder to enjoy a tidy kitchen any five-star chef would envy.

7. Perform a pantry purge

We might not want to admit it, but many of us have old sauce bottles and expired cans collecting dust at the back of our pantries! Take the time to sort through your cupboards and remove any old, unused, or out-of-date items.

8. Embrace natural light and clean air

Keep your shutters open to allow ample light to flow through your kitchen, illuminating the room and inspiring an air of lightness and solace. Enhance this organic guise with light greenery—such as a pot plant or two—to truly revel in nature’s simple beauty.

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