3 Different Ways Mess Can Negatively Affect Your Life

messy desk

Clutter has a way of affecting our lives in a very negative way. It may look harmless, but our surrounding mess can actually impact how we approach our daily activities and even the way we think and speak. There are many ways to deal with them, but if we do not know the extent of their damage, we may not be able to deal with them fast enough to fight against their adverse effects.

In such a case, it is advisable to know the different pitfalls and disadvantages caused by mess. Only by understanding their impact can we know how to strategically organise each one of them in time.

Mess Tends to Be a Complete Distraction

The clutter around you may distract you well enough to prevent you from finishing your daily tasks. Even in the office, if your desk isn’t organised and your small amenities are bundled up all over the space, you may have difficulty focusing on your work. 

Any item that is not being used may catch your attention and end up being your temporary priority, as with the other pens, notepads, and paper clips that are taking up your workspace.

Mess Causes a Lot of Stress

Aside from distracting you, clutter also tends to stress you out by being the centre of your anxiety. It will make you ask many questions that you will not be able to answer due to your current task. 

Must I clean it now? Should I organise it on the weekends? Is there a possibility for someone to trip on my mess? Should I seek help, or should I handle it all by myself? These are the questions that may arise and fill up your thoughts for a whole day. Having these in your mind will make you feel tired and exhausted well enough to drain your energy and happy hormones for the day.

Mess Eats up Your Days Off

Since you have work during the weekdays, you will not be able to rest during your days off as you will need to clean and organise all your clutter. Of course, you will finally be able to clean it all up, but depending on the extent of your mess, you may need more than one weekend to take care of the problem. Do not let your clutter build-up and clean it little by little.

Mess Restricts Your Movement Space

If you do not organise your living space accordingly, you will not be able to move freely around the house. This is crucial, especially if you have a lot of essential tasks to accomplish within the day. Your clutter will limit your space well enough to restrict what you can only achieve daily.


Mess and clutter can ruin your day in more ways than one—it can affect you mentally, physically, and even emotionally. In such a case, knowing the negative effects would prepare you against them and encourage you well enough to clean them little by little. Organise, clean, and dust off your worries and stress and live life to the fullest!

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